SUMMER COUNTDOWN: 52 days!!!⁣⁣
You wanna feel like a rockstar this summer? ⁣⁣
When you feel good, you are more likely to participate in all the fun summer activities (especially when you live somewhere cold like me - you have limited time) ⁣⁣
I remember there were multiple times when I would stay home because I felt too bloated to put on a swimming suit :/ Other times my stomach was in too much pain, leading me to worry I wouldn’t get to enjoy myself! ⁣⁣

Start incorporating some of my tips to beat the bloat and treat yourself to a cute new suit this summer!

What are the common causes of Bloating?


Lactose and other food intolerances

Air swallowing


Irritable bowel syndrome

Here are my 7 HACKS to beat that bloat -

1) Get regular

Dietary fibre plays a huge part in keeping you regular. Fibre adds bulk to the stool helping it move along the digestive tract. Naturally fibre rich foods are often nutritionally dense as well! Try to go for a variety of fresh produce and plenty of whole grains daily.

(If you are having major stomach troubles you need to be careful with your fibre consumption. High fibre, especially when it isn’t prepared properly, can cause a lot of stomach and digestive discomfort. It is important to listen to your body and adapt the amounts according to how you feel. This would be a good time to start a food diary to track your symptoms.)

Some foods particularly high in fiber include:
- prunes
- pears
- avocados
- beans + legumes
- flaxseed 
- figs
 **when eating grains + legumes it is important to prepare them properly. This is a great video explaining proper preparation.

2) Stress Less

Have you ever notice that when you’re stressed, you feel it in your tummy? Did you know -  your gut contains more neurons than your spinal cord?! The gut is often referred and is often called your “second brain” – what is going on in your mind can influence your gut and digestive processes! Reducing stress is easier said than done, so try to focus on what you CAN control in the moment. 

I like to follow the Five x Five Rule: If something that stresses you out isn't going to be relevant or worth your attention in five years, don't spend more than five minutes worrying over it.


3) Probiotics


Probiotic bacteria found in fermented foods like yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut and kimchi promote good digestion and fight swelling and inflammation.

I often recommend kefir because it’s nearly lactose-free, making it easier to digest if you’re sensitive to dairy. Stick with plain, because flavoured kefir is often high in sugar.

If dairy is a no no - try other probiotic foods or a probiotic supplement with multiple types of bacteria in it. Each strain does a slightly different thing, so you’ll cover multiple bases.


4) Drink Tea

Tea has been used for thousands of years for its medicinal purposes, and you can beat bloat with herbal teas. Try not to rely on harsh stimulant teas—easy combinations of warm herbal tea can soothe an inflamed belly.

Some teas to try: ginger, peppermint


5) Slow down

Eating too fast causes gas to build up in the stomach and make you feel bloated. Put your fork down between bites to pace yourself as you eat. Don't forget to chew your food thoroughly to make it easier for the digestive system to break down.

Bonus: This also give your brain + body time to communicate so you know when you’re satisfied.


6) Drink more water

You probably hear this all the time.... drink water! Aim to drink 8-10 glasses of water daily. If you aren't used to drinking water it may make you feel heavy at first but the more consistent you are with it, your body will thank you. Your bowels requires adequate hydration to function optimally.

What counts -  Water, herbal teas.
What doesn’t - Black tea, coffee, soda, milk, sugary drinks and alcohol.

7) Get moving

Find movement you enjoy! Regular activity can regulate your bowel function, helping to improve regularity. Try walking, running, yoga, weight lifting, swimming, biking, pilates....there are so many options!

xo erin