Gluten Free Crunch Wrap

Do you ever get food FOMO?!⁣⁣


To this day my body doesn’t tolerate gluten. I sometimes get into these moods where I’m super jealous of what others are eating (like Lillie Loves Macros famous crunch wrap )...for months I’ve been jealous!⁣

BUT rather than just continuing to drool at the photos I kept seeing of these crunch wraps I finally gave myself a little kick in the butt and decided... ⁣

Why don’t I just look for a good gluten free wrap & join the club! So I found these yummy Nuco wraps! Ya, they are not exactly the same.... BUT I don’t feel like I’m missing out anymore. ⁣


It gets even BETTER. These wraps can be eaten while on an elimination diet…so if you are having a hard time cutting out gluten and breads this comes pretty close!


1 Nuco wrap (I used cassava)


sun dried tomatoes

red onions

cherry tomatoes

roasted chicken breast

spicy mayo

fresh basil

spring mix

cooking spray


  1. Lay out your wrap. In the centre, spread peso, then top with red onions, sun dried tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, roasted chicken breast, spicy mayo, fresh basil , spring mix .

  2. Heat pan on low - medium heat and spray with cooking spray.

  3. Carefully fold wrap starting at the bottom right corner, folding up each corner towards the centre going around counter clockwise. It takes 5 folds to close the wrap. Carefully transfer and place the folds facing down in the heated pan. These wraps brown quickly so you want to watch closely. Let it cook for about a minute, til it’s browned, crisp and sealed!

  4. Flip and brown the other side.

  5. Use a bread knife to cut it in half. (you can stuff in more ingredients before eating at this point)

  6. Enjoy!

xo erin



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