don’t let your food sensitivities define you


Do you suffer from stomach troubles and bloating?

Can you just not seem to figure out what is triggering YOUR digestive issues?

Do you have a gluten/dairy allergy and not know where to begin?

Let me help you understand them better and make eating food enjoyable again!

i’m Erin! A nutrition coach helping you to uncover your food sensitivities and learn to live with them so you don’t feel controlled by food.

Let’s be real - our life basically revolves around food, so lets work together to keep the joy in mealtime and special occasions! I know how you feel. I’ve been where you are. It’s been a journey for me to figure out my sensitivities and I want to share my story with you!







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 I started my nutrition program with Erin a frustrated, uninspired eater. I ate because I had to and it was a very limited diet because I believed that was my only option.

Through the 10 weeks with Erin I have learned that I can be creative (not just chicken on a salad). I can eat with confidence and I have learned how to re-introduce foods that have been eliminated for years.

Now, in all honesty, I still have a long way to go, but I have enough tools in my food toolbox to proceed on my own.

Erin has helped me create long lasting habits and has educated me on the best ways to heal my gut and to prep it for my sensitivities.

I thank Erin for this.

It is truly liberating and I now have the power over the food not the other way around!

- Leslie (Personal Trainer)


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