Are you ready for something FUN?

Are you ready to get some clarity on what foods could be linked to your symptoms?!

Have you been thinking about doing a food diary for a while but just can’t seem to buckle down?

Or have given up after a day, maybe 2?

Let’s do this together….



If you haven’t already…make sure to GRAB the guide for ‘5 Common Food Sensitivities’ at the bottom of my website. It will include a FREE template of a food diary to help you track during the 5 days!

What I noticed the most when I did a food diary, was it not only helped me pinpoint my symptoms, but I became more conscious of what and when I was consuming (whole foods and treats)! Don’t let this stop you from doing what you normally do and eating how you normally eat…. it is CRUCIAL to be 100% honest when tracking because this is like the baseline for our little science experiment ;)

Track EVERYTHING you eat from Monday- Friday breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks + symptoms after eating (whether they be good OR bad.)

*If you don’t have time to write down what you are eating at the time, snap a picture and write it down later. 

The MOST important thing about this challenge is to be 100% honest… not just for me, but for yourself! The more honest you are, the better results you will see! And I want to make this worth your time.

Keep reading - It get’s better…..


A package of PROBIOTICS - valued at $60

*to read about the benefits of Probiotics scroll to the bottom of this post.


  • Follow @erinlamb.ca on instagram (if you don’t have Instagram like my FB page)

  • Tag 2 friends to join challenge with you ( you can do this on my instagram post OR FB post)

  • Each picture you post of your food diary OR a meal you ate that day on social media, qualifies you for 1 extra entry (It can be a post or a story but make sure to tag me :))

If you are READY to join the challenge, message me on social media or send me an email (erinlambwellness@gmail.com) saying I’M IN! I will send you all of the the challenge details and add you to the private FB group for support through out the week as well as tips to keep you accountable!

Can’t wait to crush this together!

xo erin

A few benefits of probiotics:

- support the body in providing optimal digestion, aiding in immune function and a healthy gut.

- encourage the growth of ‘friendly’ bacteria by directly supplementing their numbers, or by crowding out the ‘bad’ bacteria that have taken place where they shouldn’t be.

- gut bacteria are essential for absorption and synthesis of vitamins & minerals such as calcium, vitamin B, vitamin K, antioxidants.

- supports the integrity of tight junctions, which control permeability (when the gut lining is compromised food particles and toxins can pass through into the body. The body thinks the food is an ‘invader’ so it reacts by creating those unpleasant symptoms you experience.)

- well known for their beneficial effects on the gastrointestinal (GI) system, in particular helping reduce cramping, bloating, constipation and discomfort.

- has been linked to support mental health.