Gluten Free Fried Chicken


If you are a fan of crispy chicken skin… then this will be your thang. ESPECIALLY because it is SO quick.

bonus: they are gluten free & elimination diet friendly.


It gets better…. chicken thighs aren’t as bad as people claimed they were when low fat diets were all the rage. Not only do chicken thighs taste better and have more moisture, the darkness indicates that it contains more iron, they are inexpensive AND they contains higher amounts of saturated + monounsaturated fat… which are in fact good for us - of course when eaten in moderation.

Fat is digested more slowly than carbohydrates and protein to promote satiety and helps bump up the flavour of foods. Fat can suppress food intake later in the day, which can support a healthy digestive system because when we eat too much, our digestive system is constantly working, creating stress on the GI tract leading to an overburdened gut.

Inflammation in the gut  can be caused by a poor diet, stress, toxins or unknown food sensitivities which can lead to increased “leaking” of certain proteins from undigested foods out into the body through the gut lining. This can increase the likelihood of gas, bloating, migraines, additional food sensitivities etc. Diets that contain saturated fats + monounsaturated fats can support the reduction of inflammation.

Although high in fat, the skin of the chicken does contain some valuable nutrients, many which are the same as in the flesh but a greater concentration of some fat soluble vitamins like the retinol form of Vitamin A (meaning it comes from animal sources.) Vitamin A helps support the integrity of the gut lining. This can help reduce the risk of a leaky gut which is a cause of food sensitivities. The chicken skin also high in collagen which is also known to support a healthy gut lining.

As mentioned above, adequate amounts of fat in the diet will help keep you full longer, and help with blood sugar balancing so you are less tempted to grab a sugary/highly processed snack when your blood sugar drops.

My advice: avoid highly-processed fats that are packed full of additives and unhealthy ingredients. Refined vegetable oils, processed meats and junk foods like chips, crackers and baked goods are typically high in ‘bad’ fats which can lead to disease and should be avoided!

These are some good fats to look for: avocados, olive oil, coconut oil, MCT oil, eggs, wild caught salmon, animal fats (butter, ghee)

Fats to avoid: vegetable oil, canola oil, margarine, shortening

*Although we do need fat in our diet, it packs twice the amount of calories as protein or carbohydrates so we need to be careful of the amount we consume. As well, a diet TOO high in fat can have a negative effect on our gut microbiome so it is important to eat in moderation.



If you aren't into the chicken skin, just bake the thighs with the skin on, and strip it off when cooking is complete. You will get all of the moisture and amazing flavour with less of the fat and calories. Win-win!

I like to buy my chicken thighs from Costco and separate them into bags to freeze. It makes it easy if you are just cooking for 1-2 people. (This is why I didn’t add the amounts of chicken in the ingredients because you can fry up as many as you want, the only extra thing you need is seasoning, which is to taste.)

Gluten Free Fried Chicken

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This is the splatter screen I like to use from Bed Bath and Beyond. I love that the handle is foldable.


These are the chicken thighs I love to get from Costco. I pack them into smaller freezer bags so they are easy to grab when needed.

** It’s best to buy grass fed, but that isn’t always in the budget around here.