MUST HAVES while on an Elimination diet

I’ll be honest, an elimination diet can be hard to stick to when there is food/treats around that you can’t eat during the elimination phase! So I’m sharing some of my favourites that will save you! We want to avoid packaged foods as MUCH as possible, but I know that you gals are busy!! And making home made coconut chips probably isn’t an option. So when you are going out and need to pack something as an alternative to what might be in front of you here you go!

I’ve also including some important foods you will want to incorporate during your elimination diet to support a healthy gut and keep you feeling satisfied so you don’t go crazy!


#1 - Bone broth - this is the MOST important thing you could drink while on an elimination diet. It supports a healthy gut which will be a game changer to your possible food sensitivities. You can add different seasonings to your bone broth and sip on a glass of it.


#2 - Dandy Blend - having a hard time cutting out the caffeine or coffee? This is a great alternative! It can can support adrenal functions that provide energy, it contains over 50 trace minerals in each cup and has the reputation of relieving digestive distress (acid reflux, gas, and so on).


#4 - Rice cakes - I use these all the time for breakfast since toast isn’t an option during the elimination diet. An even BETTER option is homemade sweet potato toasts - they are super easy and a great way to get more veggies in!

**Remember try to eat whole foods/snacks as much as possible. Some examples could be dates, raw nuts such as cashews, dried fruit (make sure there is no added sugar,) veggies, fruit etc…

I remember the first time I did an elimination diet on my own and it took a TON of time and research as I was trying to do it all on my own! I don’t even want to know how many hours I spent on Pinterest trying to find recipes I could make. And now that I look back, I recognize that I missed out on a lot of important steps and information that could have helped me be more successful!

I have done the work and research for you! I have compiled food lists, recipes, helpful swaps and important steps to take before you even begin the elimination.

When you work 1 on 1 with me I share more of my favourite products & brands to buy including approved sweeteners, drinks, fats, my favourite swap for peanut butter and other snacks that will keep you satisfied on your journey to discovering your food sensitivities!

xo erin

erin lamb