Vegan Nacho Cheese with a Kick


At a farmers market last summer my husband and I tried this AMAZING vegan nacho cheese and they said it was potatoes (of all things) that made it so yummy, sooo….

During the re-introduction phase of my elimination diet I was getting quite creative. On this day, I was adding cashews back in. We were having nachos..because we love nachos for date night…so we decided to try to make a cashew nacho cheese ft potatoes!

What I DIDN’T know, is the foods you are reintroducing should be eaten independently of any other foods you think may be effecting you so you can more easily pin point a connection between a food AND possible symptoms.

Count my lucky stars I didn’t notice any symptoms from cashews (because they are amazing) but it might not always be as simple as this case as there were a lot of ingredients in this recipe.

For my vegan pals… or my nacho lovers this is the perfect addition to your Super Bowl snacks.

Vegan Nacho Cheese with a Kick

Happy Super Bowl! xo


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