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Are you struggling to know which food(s) seem to be wreaking havoc on your body? Taking up head space? or feeling like it’s affecting your social life? I see you girl!

After years of personal experience with food sensitivities, seeing the life changing results of working through and experimenting with elimination diets on my own time and my education as a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant I’ve gained the experience and the knowledge to create this DIY elimination diet package for you! This is for you independent gals who want to take your health into your own hands, or feel like you want to experiment with things on your own before you could use more help.

Take on the challenge to discover what’s making you feel “off”!


  • 1 week elimination diet meal plan

  • Lists of what you can eat & what you should avoid

  • 6 recipes for clean treats that align with the elimination diet

  • Access to 2 videos explaining how to go about an elimination diet and how to reintroduce the foods you think are creating “issues”