Can I have caffeine during an elimination diet?

I know we all need a little boost sometimes, but it’s important to wait to add coffee or tea until the re-introduction phase. Caffeine is a stimulant and affects liver detoxification. Herbal teas such as chamomile, mint, ginger, raspberry leaf, and nettle are fine.

Green smoothies causing gas and bloating. Is this normal?

Yes this is normal for some people. As the gut detoxes, gut microflora will change. Your body may take some time to adjust

Why do you do a 3 day rotation of food?

Based in part on the scientific knowledge of the timing of our most delayed immunological reaction (which is the IgG type of reaction) as its window of reaction is typically between 2 hours and 3 days. 2 weeks avoidance is generally enough time to avoid a food, then to see the immune system stabilize and then for there to be a reaction (if there is one) once the food is tried back in. On occasion if someone does have an intolerance of some kind, and they continue to eat it after an avoidance there is a threshold….you will notice an accumulation/worsening of symptoms over a longer period of time as consumption continues…(but there are symptoms to be seen on the initial avoidance.)

Can i get rid of my allergies?

Allergies or intolerances can show-up at any point in a persons life as our bodies are dynamic. Factors are constantly changing depending on what are body is going through (stresses, hormones changes, diet changes, environmental factors etc.) It is not unusual at all to never have any intolerances or allergies, and then to gather them at one point or another. This is the same for food allergies (certain kinds) they can come into a life and they can also improve or even go away. There are many kinds of intolerances or allergies that a person can have as well. Some, like a true celiac reaction or an anaphylactic type of reaction do not generally go away.


I struggle with an eating disorder. What effect will this have on me if i were to try an elimination diet?

My coaching packages are not appropriate for people struggling with active eating disorders (i.e. those who are engaging in dangerous behaviours such as purging, or those who are engaging in food restriction or binging). If you have an eating disorder, please consult your doctor or a therapist.

I am finding it hard to determine which foods are causing what?

Yes, it can be difficult, as we can never really get a stable environment where no other variables are at play….Sometimes if we are unsure, we can repeat the test meaning that you can avoid the food for another couple of weeks and then try it in again trying to control for the other variables (drink decent water, and you might want to try the food in at a different time in your cycle). If you get the same reaction a couple of times than it is most likely a food sensitivity.

eg. When eating almonds you developed a headache(HA) that day. You realize that you haven’t drank enough water that day so that could be the issue rather than the almonds. If the HA seemed very consistent with a HA you  might have had before when  you were dehydrated then it was probably dehydration….if it was different, different character, more intense than you were used to…different location or pain quality…then it could have been the food.