elimination diet

A new way to a new you!

“I just want to feel normal again” said me over and over through my food sensitivity journey. I had enough of the bloating, gas and other unpleasant symptoms food sensitivities can bring along with them. I knew I needed guidance and an expert in the subject to figure out my food sensitivities. And let me tell you - it’s way easier to do something when there is someone by your side supporting you along the way!

This 12 week package was created to help support you through your discovery process of food sensitivities - because who wants to do it alone? During our time together, I will help you manage your stress for improved digestion, support your gut to beat the bloat & be your cheerleader when you feel like it’s too hard and want to give up! I will lead you through an elimination diet in order to pinpoint your food sensitives for good – no more guessing!

Let’s work together to:

  • Learn how stress is affecting your gut health and food sensitivity symptoms

  • Learn how to manage your stress with simple recommendations & create a stress management tool box 

  • Understand how good gut health can support food sensitivities and symptoms

  • Go through an elimination diet and uncover possible food sensitivities

  • Re-introduce foods back into your diet with total support

  • Come up with a game plan of how to navigate social situations with food sensitivities

Your 12 Week Program Includes:

  • Initial coaching session (60 minutes) + 11 additional (45 minute) weekly check ins 

  • Customizable 3 week meal plan with recipes to follow during elimination process

  • Additional coaching support through text/email during this process

  • Simple recommendations on diet, lifestyle and supplementation to support gut health

  • Food diary handouts & lists of foods to avoid while doing the elimination diet

  • Free access to Erin’s Elimination Diet Facebook group where we share recipes, tips, support and friendship with our food sensitivity community

  • Access to two videos outlining how to do an elimination diet and how to reintroduce foods

You will come away with:

  • A clear idea of what foods are triggering you

  • How to navigate social situations with food allergies

  • How to create simple meals that won’t trigger your sensitivities

  • Confidence in knowing you are more than your food sensitivity

  • Feeling more in tune with your body

  • Getting out of your head and being able to enjoy life to the fullest

  • Faith that you can move forward with your life and not be ruled by your food sensitivity