I'm Dreaming of an Allergy free Christmas....


If anyone knows where to find this…. let me know! But in the mean time, this will have to do!

I’m about to head off to my work Christmas party tonight at an Edson classic - Mountain Pizza! I remember when I was initially trying to adjust to my life with food sensitivities going out was such a struggle! Restaurants are getting MUCH better at having gluten free options but you still have to be careful. I’m sure many of you have lots of events and Christmas parties coming up - so here are 3 tips to navigating your social events! 

1. Be prepared - I called the restaurant ahead of time to check if they had gluten free options. They were super helpful and listed a bunch of options. You can also check menu’s online. If they don’t have anything you can eat, I like to eat something SATISFYING and DELICIOUS before I go out so then I’m not jealous of what everyone else is eating. You can still socialize and just get a drink!

2. Be Flexible - You may not be able to control your situation (like the venue of your party) so your meal may not look the same as others. If they don’t have many options that are compliant to your allergy, you may try to build a meal out of different sides. You may also bring a snack in your bag that you can have during the night (some type of bar that is easy to eat while you are out or nuts are always good options.)

3. Stick to your non-negotiable. Your food allergy or sensitivity should be a NON-negotiable no matter what someones says or tries to get you to eat. I know it can be a difficult thing especially when you are just getting the hang of it because you feel embarrassed or you feel bad. Don’t let others opinions or peer pressure make you cave into having a bit of something that will create unpleasant symptoms for you over the next couple of days. It takes time - but the more you educate others about your food allergies/sensitivities, the more they will be understanding.

And most importantly - REMEMBER THAT YOUR ALLERGY DOESN’T DEFINE YOU! You are still cool, fun, you aren’t weird and can still have as much fun at this party as anyone else! 

Merry Christmas!

Xo Erin